Cookbook 1.2

A plugin to customize the recipes on your server to your liking. Currently it only allows to set recipes in the recipes.cb config file, but an in-game recipe creator is planned as well as recipe-based permissions.

Recipes are read from recipes.cb. The format is pretty intuitive; it is most easily explained by example.

# The # symbol indicates that the rest of the line is a comment

dirt dirt # An up to 3x3 grid of the ingredients, with air for empty slots.
0 3 # ingredients can be specified by ID or name
-> 2x IRON_INGOT # The format of the result is the same for all recipe types

Dirt -> 3x Wheat

Apple, Bowl
-> 1 Water-bucket # The x is optional

Redstone -> 6 ink-sack/3 # You can specify data-values anywhere except on smelting input

Bow -> 1 Bow ARROW_INFINITE=1 # You can add enchantments or other metadata like this.

For more details, see Recipe Format.


The following keys are used from the config.yml in the Cookbook folder

  • startup - Specifies how Cookbook should behave on startup. Valid values are "clear" (remove all vanilla recipes before adding the ones from recipes.cb), "reset" (reset to vanilla recipes before adding your custom recipes), and "compound" (just add your recipes). You could use this to suppress recipes from other plugins, or to completely redo the recipes Minecraft offers. Note that some vanilla recipes, such as fireworks, dyed leather armour, map copying, map zooming, and book copying, are impossible to reimplement using Cookbook, so consider this before deciding to use "clear".
  • fix.soup-bowl - If true, Cookbook will give back the bowl if you use mushroom soup in a recipe.
  • - If true, Cookbook will give back the bottle if you use a potion in a recipe. Note that, if you set this to true and create recipes where potions are used as ingredients to craft other potions, you will get a free glass bottle each time a potion is crafted from a potion. So don't set it to true if you want recipes of that type.
  • allow-high-enchants - If true, Cookbook will allow enchantments of higher than normal levels.
  • allow-wrong-enchants - If true, Cookbook will allow enchantments on items that they don't normally apply to.
  • generate-defaults-cb - If true, Cookbook will generate a defaults.cb before adding any recipes. After doing so, this flag will be set to false. Note that, due to Bukkit quirks, a few recipes in the resulting defaults.cb won't be accurate; generally the complicated things involving maps, leather armour, books, or fireworks. However, these recipes can't be replicated with Cookbook's capability anyway. Note also that if other plugins add custom recipes, these recipes may appear in the defaults.cb if they loaded before Cookbook.

List of item/block names || List of enchantment names

Note: This is not the original Cookbook by fullwall and is not even based on his code; it has been rewritten from scratch, but I liked the name and, since his has been inactive for a long time, decided to recycle it. If there is enough demand I may write a converter to convert fullwall's Cookbook format to my Cookbook format.


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