ControllerBlock v1.52

Toggle blocks on and off with redstone
Original Created by @Hell_Fire

I didn't have any Problems while testing with CB1240. Please backup your Files! Just to be sure.

Iron blocks can be turned into controller blocks. Drop the block down, drop a redstone wire or torch on top, switch to the type of block you want to toggle and smack the iron block with it. (Can remove redstone on top after it's been set as a ControllerBlock).

Place those blocks down where you want them to be, you can work from multiple piles of it, where it is in the inventory doesn't matter, as long as you place the block of that type.

Once you're done placing blocks, wack the iron block again and it'll save the block locations and ready to go. Power the block they'll disappear, remove the power and they'll appear again. Invert the control with a redstone torch on top of the block. To remove the binding, just remove the block.

I will test this on my local Server and run it on my own Server.

A smallish howto of how to make blocks, and change between types. by Hell_Fire.

And a Tutorial of how to build a auto-repairing Spleef Arena @Omen (He used Snow_Blocks as unprotected ControllerBlockType. Standard is Diamondblock).

Another one from @Omen which shows us how to use the CBlock-moving feature (v1.41)!

A video which shows a nice Gate and a moving Windmill @AaronThomas5 on his server ConquerCraft -!


- Redstone toggleable blocks

Source available on GitHub! (this is old, I haven't set up GitHub on my computer yet, but it contains the main features so far)

Known Issues:
- Duplication Bug with Sand/Torches/Gravel (Right now not solvable due to Bukkit failing in BlockPhysics)
- Occasionally block hits/places/destroys don't register.
- Liquids being directly controlled don't work properly. (Anyone still has this problem?)


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