Controllable Mobs API

Welcome to the API which lets you take full control of (nearly) any entity!

This project has been discontinued!


  • order an entity to move or look at specified locations, jump, wait, die, follow or attack custom targets
  • fully take control of an entity by planning actions that are added to an action queue
  • modify the AI of any entity - remove default behaviors or add custom ones!
  • configure custom behaviors with various parameters
  • modify an entity's attributes (movement speed, attack damage, ...)
  • standalone plugin - just add a dependency and updating will be done in no time.
  • Bukkit-friendly API - you don't have to deal with Craftbukkit code or native minecraft server code.
  • server-only mod - does not require client modifications

API tutorials

work-in-progress (is not being maintained atm)

  1. The basics (creating a plugin, spawning entities, creating actions)

API Documentation

  1. Setting up a plugin with Controllable Mobs API
  2. Basic steps
  3. Make entities controllable
  4. Adjust attributes
  5. Modifying AI behaviors
  6. Managing entity actions
  7. Some examples

API resources

  1. Latest javadoc
  2. Javadoc for v5
  3. Javadoc for v4
  4. API source code at GitHub
  5. Test plugin source code at GitHub

Important notes

Got any problems?

  1. Make sure you are using the correct plugin, matching your Minecraft server's version.
  2. Search the tickets for an error similar to yours, if it is already existing, do not post a new ticket. Instead, post a comment to the existing ticket.
  3. If the problem hasn't been reported yet, Open a new ticket. Provide as many information as possible. I won't handle issues posted as comments.

Want new features?

I can always provide more features, as needed! You just have to open a new ticket. Provide as many details as possible. I won't handle feature requests posted as comments.


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