This plugin is compatible with 1.7.9 Craftbukkit and 1.8 Spigot.

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Everyone knows that creating a beautiful structure can sometimes be difficult. This is especially true in Survival mode, where it is a challenge to get the simplest materials without your brains becoming a zombie's snack or being blown to bits by a creeper. So, how could you begin building a house template/building for a configurable price, have it built over time, then finished with the click of a button? Two words: Construction Sites.

NOTICE: This plugin is in BETA. Many features are largely untested, so it is recommended you use this for testing/personal uses only until the first release file is published. However, I would appreciate it if you used it on your server for public use because it will help me identify the bugs and thus, improve the stability. Please note that there will be a few problems to go along with it including glitch abuse, so keep an eye out.

What the Admin Does

This plugin allows the player to create custom build sites, of which the completion price, margin deposit (to take in account the player possibly obstructing the building) and build time are fully configurable. Server administrators create schematics with the aid of the powerful and easy-to-use WorldEdit tool. Then they save them, and add them to CS using a special admin command.

Hey, ConstructionSites 1.4 users, adding sites just got easier. You can now add sites with /construct by selecting the Admin Center option and using "create site." Read more, here.

What the Player Does

The player uses the CS base command to place a sign for whatever building he'd like to make. A fraction of the total build cost is initially subtracted (configurable), and depending on the build time the administrator set, he must wait while it finishes (the time remaining can be seen on the face of the sign, as the second line). The time on the sign does not count down while the server is down. However, once the server comes back up again, it will resume construction without any interaction by the player needed. Once this line turns green and reads "Complete", the player right-clicks the sign and pays the difference of the cost of the site and the margin deposit he made when he started it (since nothing happened to the sign during the build). The site is built and the build sign breaks.

Make sure to read the tutorials for information on how to set up and make a construction site.

In the mean time, here's a nifty demonstration of the plugin.

Check out more videos for ConstructionSites here.

And by the way, donations are greatly appreciated and very helpful!

« Dependencies »

Vault and WorldEdit (6.0+) are both necessary dependencies for ConstructionSites.

« Permissions »

The following are the permissions of ConstructionSites:

- csites.admin - Allows player to use /construct admin (addsite/delsite)

- - Allows the player to view and use the "Build" option in the ConstructionSites GUI. You MUST add this permission for players to see the option. Your GUI will be blank if they do not have this. Same goes for the next permission, "scan."
- csites.scan - Allows the player to view and use the "Scan" option in the ConstructionSites GUI.

-<site name> - Allows the player to build a specific site. Example usages: or would allow a player to build the sites "house" or "fountain" if they exist.

« Commands »

(/con can be used instead of /construct for convenience.)

/construct - (With no arguments) Opens an inventory GUI with a variety of options.
/construct build - Lists the available buildings along with their prices.
/construct build (site) - Constructs a site.

/construct admin addsite (site name) (construction time: [hours:minutes:seconds, i.e. 12:34:40]) (site cost [dollars.cents])
/construct admin delsite (site name)

« Config »

The following is the config for this plugin:

  # The percentage of the build cost. This is subtracted from the player when he first makes the site, and only given back if he finishes the site.
  Advance: 0.25
    # ScanColors -> Enabled: When a building is being scanned, should it visualize it?
    # ScanColors -> Timeout: How long should it wait before removing the visualization? (20 = 1 second)
      Enabled: true
      Timeout: 100
    # The X, Y, Z scan offsets. In this example, the borders of the building must be at least two blocks away from any no-build WorldGuard regions for the site to be built.
      X: 2.0
      Y: 2.0
      Z: 2.0
  # The names of the sites you add with /con admin addsite. This line will not appear in your config initially. The four listed names are only examples.
  Names: []
  # The details for each site are below. These are also auto-generated when you add the sites.
  # And a list of unfinished processes are below. Don't tamper with these.
Processes: []

« More »


Download the cool new ConstructionSites Pack, FactionsPack! Download it here: (Link)*

  • CSPacks are not sponsored or approved officially by BukkitDev or Curse. Downloads are at your own risk.

You can send your own cool schematics to me if you have any.


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