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What is this plugin for?

I am fleshing out and developing this plugin to help builders on survival servers. Features will include (and can be opted out of on a server by server basis):

  • The setup of a construction zone in which a user has special permissions and functions. All functionality only works inside a user's construction zone.
  • Scaffolding - Allows users to select a block type and use it for scaffolding that can later be destroyed with one command when done.
  • Warp points - Allows the setting up of many arbitrary warp points inside the construction zone to ease work on hard to reach places.
  • Flying - Some servers may wish to allow flying for builders inside their construction zone.
  • Construction chests - Chests inside the zone can be linked so builders can access them from a command anyone inside the construction zone
  • Mitigated fall rates - Slow builders fall rates down inside their construction zone.


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