ConsoleScheduler Easy timed console commands.

Version: v1.4.10

This plugin allows one to configure commands to be executed after a certain time period. It supports repeated command, it also supports the commands to be executed at a specific time (12:00PM for instance). One can configure the console to use any command one would normally type in the console.

For example, one might want to have the "save-all" command to be sent every hour. Another example, a very simple broadcast "say Remember to visit our forums!". A must-have!

Example config.yml
How to install

Source Code on Github



  • Allows for repeating commands.
  • Command for reload the config file.
  • Allow for specific-time commands.
  • Easy to configure.
  • Lightweight.
  • Optional: Delay before it starts the schedule so that all other plugins can load.
  • Update Checker to automatic update your plugin.

Update Checking:

  • This plugin utilizes Gravity's update checker to notify when a new version of the plugin is out, it will automatically download the new version. It also notifies the admins that a new plugin version is available. This can be enabled or disabled in the config.yml. To disable update-checking, set CheckForUpdates to false.


  • /csc help - Show a list of commands
  • /csc reload - reload the config file


  • ConsoleScheduler.use - User with this permission has full access to the plugin commands

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