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Keep your server console and log file clean.

Updated version of my outdated Plugin BlockConsoleMessages.


Updated to work with CB-1.4.7-R1.0. Might work with lower/higher versions as well but I haven´t tested that. This is just a quick rework to work with the newest version of CB and it was working in my testing envrionment. However: Before using it in a productive environment please test this plugin!

Known issues

Sadly there are some drawbacks. Nowadays each plugin gets it´s dedicated logger developers should use. My plugin sets filters for all plugins that are or get registered in CB.

Now to the problem: Developers are not forced to use the plugins default logger. They can just send their messages to custom created loggers. ConsoleFilter doesn´t know about these loggers and therefore wont filter them. Theoretically I can get all active loggers and put filters onto them. However this would mean that ALL loggers get filtered, be it from bukkit, a plugin, java, etc. As this is not the way it should be done I wont do it this way. This means that some console output will not be intercepted by ConsoleFilter and therefore wont get filtered.


  1. Copy the JAR file into your plugins-folder.
  2. Please remove BlockCantKeepUpSpam.jar and BlockConsoleMessages.jar if you're using any of them.
  3. Start the server. If no config file exists the plugin will create one under "./plugins/ConsoleFilter/".When creating a new config it will add the filter for the "Cant keep up!"-message.
  4. Stop the server and edit the configuration.

How to use

  1. Open the configuration file while your server is offline.
  2. Under "Filters:" add a new line and write the following:
    1. - FilterName: <FilterName> Replace <FilterName> with any name you want to give the filter.The whitespace between the minus and FilterName is important.
  3. Add your filter parameters. Each value needs to be preceeded by TWO whitespaces.Possible values:
  4. FilterType: Exact|Partial|Regex|Level
  5. Exact: Filters for the exact string given by ConsoleMessage. Requires option: ConsoleMessage.
  6. Partial: Searches for the partial string given by ConsoleMessage. Requires option: ConsoleMessage.
  7. Regex: Applies the regular expression defined in ConsoleMessage. Requires option: ConsoleMessage.If you mess up with these you can easily block all console output. ;-) (It wont harm your server though.)If you're interested in learning RegEx:
  8. Level: Filters on logging level basis. (e.g. Info, Warning, Severe, etc.) Requires option: ConsoleLevel.
  9. ConsoleLevel: [Info|Warning|Severe] Optional. This rule applies only to messages with the appropriate logging level.
  10. ConsoleMessage: <Message|Regex> Optional. String or regular expression to match. Replace <Message> with the string/regex of your choice.
  11. LogToFile: [true|false] Optional. When set to true it will log the intercepted message to a seperate log file.
  12. LogfileSuffix: <SuffixString> Optional. This way you can specify seperate logfiles for different rules. Replace <Suffix>with the suffix you want to give the log file.
  13. Save your configuration file.
  14. Start your server and (hopefully) enjoy your cleaned up console & log.

Example for a configuration file

ConfigVersion: 0.5
- FilterName: Filter CantKeepUp Messages
  FilterType: Exact
  ConsoleLevel: Info
  ConsoleMessage: Can't keep up! Did the system time change, or is the server overloaded?
- FilterName: Filter all Warnings
  FilterType: Level
  ConsoleLevel: Warning
  LogToFile: true
  LogfileSuffix: Warnings
- FilterName: Filter lost connections
  FilterType: RegEx
  ConsoleMessage: '[0-9]{1,3}\.[0-9]{1,3}\.[0-9]{1,3}\.[0-9]{1,3}:[0-9]{4,5} lost connection'
  LogToFile: true
  LogfileSuffix: LostConnections


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