Remote Console File Manager

Remote Console File Manager

What is Remote Console File Manager?

Remote Console File Manager is a plugin where you can access your files in-game! It's like the command prompt in Windows. You have the good old commands "cd, dir, copy, ..." and some other new commands!

How secure is the plugin?

You will need to set a password. You password will be encrypted (MD5) saved, but not encrypted send. So don't use your private password! Only admins or players with permissions have access to the login area anyway.


/cfmcfm.helpShows the help screen!
/cfm logincfm.accessLogin in the admin area!
/cfm registercfm.accessRegister for the first time or set a new password!
/cfm force*console only*Kick the active player out of the admin area!
exe <Command without '/'>*admin area only*Executes a command while you logged in!
chat <Chat Message>*admin area only*Chat while your logged in!
move <File Location> <File Destination>*admin area only*Move/Rename a File!
delete <File>*admin area only*Deletes a File!
dir*admin area only*Lists all the files!
info*admin area only*Info about plugin/module!
info <File>*admin area only*Info about a file!
cd <Path>*admin area only*Changes your destination to <path>!
cd ..*admin area only*Changes your destination one up!
dl <url>*admin area only*Downloads the file!
dl <url> <filename>*admin area only*Downloads the file with a specific filename!
root*admin area only*Changes your destination to -root-!
copy <File Location> <File Destination>*admin area only*Copy a file!
mkdir <Folder>*admin area only*Creates a folder!
create <File>*admin area only*Creates a empty file!
logout*admin area only*Logout of the admin area!

Quick FAQ

How many admin can be logged in at the same time?

1! Currently it is only one because of the security. I will make it configurable in the future.

Help! Got an Error! What to do?

If it is a big error, please create a ticket. Otherwise you can post it in the comments.

Currently it is in the beta phase, because there are still some unhandled errors. If you find any bugs instantly report them!


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