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Plugin Description:
This plugin was created to add a leveling system to mobs, where their health and damage would scale with their level. I designed it to be as lightweight and configurable as possible. So you will notice in the config file that almost every setting is on a per-world level, if my plugin isn't configurable enough for you let me know. I would be more than happy to make it even more configurable. Works extremely well with HealthBars and mob health plugins. Feel free to post any suggestions or problems I would love to help or potentially add a new feature!


  • Level System: Configurable per world. You choose which worlds to have a level system in!

  • Health System - Configurable per world, works nicely with most mob-health modifying plugins including Heroes, SkillAPI, and MobArena. Can be *removed by setting health multiplier to 0. Forumla: originalHealth + (originalHealth*level*modifier). For example a level 10 mob with 20 health originally, and a world health multiplier of 0.2 will have 60 health.

  • Damage System - Configurable per world, still a work in progress, easily enabled | disabled. In the process of fully configuring to work nicely with ItemLoreStats.

  • MobArena compatible: Works with or without mob arena, easily disabled if you have mob arena and want it left alone. Has the option of increasing mob level per wave.

Config Help




Set Up:
Drag and drop ConquestiaMobs.jar into your plugins folder and restart/start your server up. Upon initial first startup some default config is generated including two spawn points for every world you have enabled. This can be removed or edited as you would like.


Change attribute.maxHealth.max from 2048 to 1000000000000 or something higher. If you get a "health must be between x and 2048 then change the setting in spigot.

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