What is Ping?

Ping gives you the connection speed from a Player to the server.
It gives you a Time in milliseconds. (1000 Milliseconds = 1 Second)


Command Description Permission
/ping Your own Ping /
/ping <name> Ping from another player ping.other
/ping all Shows you the ping off all online Players ping.all
/ping tab Enable/Disable the TabList-Ping ping.mod
/ping reload Reload the config.yml ping.mod


  • /ping
    Without a name it will show you your own ping
  • /ping <name>
    If you add a name and you have the permission, it will show you the ping of the player.
    /ping <name>
  • /ping all
    It shows you the ping off all online players at once.
    /ping all
  • /ping tab
    Toggles the TAB-Ping
    /ping tab (true/false)
  • /ping reload
    Reloads the config.yml. There you can set your own messages and values
  • /ping help
    A permission specific help page




To install just put the Ping.jar file in the /plugins/ folder and restart/reload the Server.


tabPing: false
tabPingTime: 20
prefix: "&7[&aPing&7] "
yourPing: "&aYour ping: &e%ping ms"
otherPing: "%player&a's Ping: &e%ping"
allPings: "&7-= &aAll pings &7=-"
noPermissions: "%prefix&cYou don't have the permissions"
notOnline: "%prefix&cThis player is not online"
auto-update: false

  • tabPing:
    default: false
    Enable / disable the Ping in TAB
  • tabPingTime:
    default: 20
    Sets how often the Tab-Ping should be updated in Minecraft-Ticks (20 Ticks = 1 Second)
  • prefix
    default: "&7[&aPing&7] "
    Change the prefix of the plugin
  • yourPing:
    default: "&aYour ping: &e%ping ms"
    Message at the /ping command (%ping => Ping, %player => Name, %prefix => Prefix)
  • otherPing
    default: "%player&a's Ping: &e%ping"
    Message at the /ping <name> command (%ping => Ping, %player => Name, %prefix => Prefix)
  • allPings:
    default: "&7-= &aAll pings &7=-"
    Message at the /ping all command (%ping => Ping, %player => Name, %prefix => Prefix)
  • noPermissions:
    default: "%prefix&cYou don't have the permissions"
    Message if the player has not a specific permission (%prefix => Prefix)
  • notOnline:
    default: "%prefix&cThis player is not online"
    Message if the target player is not online (%prefix => Prefix)
  • auto-update:
    default: false
    Change this to true if you want to get automatically updates

If you have any questions or if you have found a bug or you have a thing that I should add just let a comment here.


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