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This plugin is similar to BungeeCord but different! How to set it up!: First open your bukkit/spigot server! The copy and paste the JAR file into Plugins! Open the console then go back to plugins! Open the Connect Play folder and open the file "Setup.yml" Then add your servers! Once done reset your server then open up your server! Do /CpS Then it will have the lists of servers you made! then open your bukkit/spigot folder and you will notice bukkit.jar / spigot.jar changed into ConnectPlay.jar! the click ConnectPlay.jar! It will open up a app! Let it go on your hard drive! This is time for the Connect Play setup to access minecraft! So agree then let it download! (May take about 2 minutes depends on how much server's you added in the Setup.yml) Ok once that go into your server then do /CpS and you see a list of servers! Thanks 4 DOWNLOADING :)


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