This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

A plugin that will automate various tasks like rewarding, punishing, promoting players when certain conditions are met. This is the first release and can still contain bugs but most features should be working as of version 0.1. Please report any bugs you might find in the comments.


Debug mode: false
Time: (same counting system as my previous plugin, times can be copied over from those configs)
  Enable: false
  Update interval: 5
  Save interval: 30
  Leaderboard update interval: 30
Monitor chat: false (doesn't do anything right now)
  In group: Newcomer; true
  Min time: 1800
  Command: '%p is now a Member;rank %p Member' (multiple commands are split with a ; )
  After minutes: 1
  On login: true

Possible Conditions

(that should in theory be working)

  • InGroup:groupname,true or false
  • In Primary Group:groupname,true or false
  • Has Permission:permissionname,true or false,world
  • Has item:ID,amount,true or false
  • Is In Region:regionname,true or false
  • In world:worldname, true or false
  • Uses spoutcraft: true or false
  • Min money:10
  • Max money:20
  • Min exp:100
  • Max exp:200
  • Min time:1000
  • Max time:2000
  • Min strikes:1
  • Max strikes:5


/cond or /conditionals [action]


  • help: lists actions
  • checktime: gives your time played
  • checktime [player name] : gives the time a player has been online
  • leaderboard: give the 10 players with the most minutes played
  • settime [player name] [number]: sets the played time
  • givestrike [player name]: gives 1 more strike to the player
  • setstrikes [player name] [number]: sets amount of strikes
  • checkstrikes: give the amount of strikes you have
  • checkstrikes [name]: give the amount of strikes the player has


  • conditionals.*: Allows all commands.
  • conditionals.leaderboard: Allows the leaderboard command
  • conditionals.checktime: Allows the checktime command
  • conditionals.checktimeother: Allows the checktime [player name] command
  • conditionals.givestrike: Allows the givestrike command
  • conditionals.setstrikes: Allows the setstrikes command
  • conditionals.checkstrikes: Allows the checkstrikes command
  • conditionals.checkstrikesother: Allows the checkstrikes [playername] command
  • conditionals.settime:Allows the settime command


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