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Due to recent events and the state of Bukkit, development of Complete Novus Utilities for Bukkit has stopped as we are waiting for Sponge or some other system to be released in order to rewrite Complete Novus Utilities using that system and have a release. The project is NOT abandoned but merely waiting for a Bukkit replacement.


Complete Novus Utilities is an "all in one" utility plugin which has as objective of satisfying all your server needs without the need for additional plugins. The plugin is fully customizable, by allowing users to disable modules, or systems the plugin has much to offer such as economy, administration commands, or utilities, you can enabled only certain parts you require for your server to function properly.


  • Economy
    • Full featured Economy system
    • Custom currency
    • Pay players in exchange for items
    • Interest paid to bank balances
    • Join jobs to make money
    • SQLite or MySQL Storage
  • Utilities
    • Command Aliaser System
    • Player Kit System (In the Works)


/command = Added, but Incomplete.
More information about the commands in the Commands Page.

General CommandsBank Commands
/pay [amount] [Player]/bank deposit [Amount]
/kit list/bank deposit
/kit [KitName]/bank withdrawal [Amount]
/kit [KitName][Player]/xpbank
/kit info [KitName]/xpbank deposit [Amount]
/kit create [KitName][Price]/xpbank withdrawal [Amount]
/kit add item [KitName][ItemID][Quantity]
/kit remitem [KitName][ItemID]
/kit setprice [KitName][Price]
/kit delete [KitName]
Job CommandsShop
/jobs list/shop create [ShopName]
/jobs join [Job]/shop transfer [ShopName][Player]
/jobs stats/shop open [ShopName]
/jobs quit [Job]/shop close [ShopName]
/jobs info [Job]/shop edit [ShopName]
/shop setmode [buy/sell/both]
/shop setprice [buy/sell][price]
/shop delete [Name]


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