This section describes the configuration of CompatNocheatPlus since version 6.0.0, the configuration file will be generated automatically, default values will be added automatically.

The configuration can not be reloaded at runtime (yet), a restart or reload is necessary.

If you want to set the file before having started the server with cncp the first time, the default configuration of cncp 6.0.0 :

Plugin load order

The plugins section allows to manipulate the order in which plugins process events.
The force-enable-later list must contain NoCheatPlus, you can add more entries to be sure that hooks registered with cncp will process events before those plugins get to do so.
The ensure-enable list contains names of plugins which cncp will enable if they are not yet enabled, such that they process events earlier than hooks registered with cncp, potentially.

  # Since 6.0.0 NoCheatPlus is removed from this list !
  force-enable-later: []
  - WorldGuard


The hooks section contains hook specific settings.
The prevent-add list allows specifying hook names, which will not be added, if present/compatible at all. This should only be interesting if other plugins add hooks, or in case of changed versions leading to incompatibilities. To get the hooks names you can check your server log for the "[NoCheatPlus] Added hook ..." entries stating the hooks names and versions.
Default hooks (only added if available): mcMMO(default) Citizens2(default)
The other built in hooks can be disabled be setting the enable flags to false. (For more hook specific entries see below.)

  prevent-add: []

For build in hooks there are more specific entries below, they can all be disabled to spare a couple of CPU rounds, if not needed.

Set-speed hook

The set-speed hook sets the speed of all players to the predefined values. By default the maximum setting of 1.0 is "used to let NoCheatPlus handle the speed limiting, at the risk of players with all bypass permissions abusing it, you can set it to a lower value.
be sure to never set higher than 1.0 or lower than -1.0!

  • enabled
    If the set-speed hook is enabled at all.
  • fly-speed
    Allowed speed for flying (CB default seems 0.1).
  • walk-speed
    Allowed speed for walking (CB default seems 0.2).

Player-class hook

The player-class section allows to configure the "PlayerClass(default)" hook, for exempting NPCs from check alerts.
By default all non standard classes are exempted from checks.

  • enabled
    If the player-class hook is enabled at all.
  • class-name
    This is the class name of the normal players which the checks and alerts are ok for.
  • exempt-all
    If set to true, all other classes than specified under class-name will be exempted from checks. If set to false, the exempt-names list will take effect.
  • exempt-names
    Takes effect if exempt-all is set to false, list of classes to exempt from check alerts.
  • super-class
    If the exempt-names list takes effect, this will allow to control if also the super classes will be searched for the class names to exempt.

Block break and block place hooks

The block-place and block-break sections concern hooks that will exempt players during the event handling of custom events fired in the name of the player by plugins such as MachinaCraft.

  • enabled
    Enable or disable the hook (true or false).
  • exempt-names
    Java class names for the events for which to exempt players from checks during the event handling.

MagicSpells hook

So far this is an experimental addition, and not guaranteed to work at all.
At present all exemptions have to be input to the configuration by spell names (comma separated string entry with check types), exemptions apply during processing of the spell, but only within the tick the spell is processed within.

  • exempt-spells
    String entries mapping the spell name to comma-separated entries with the check types to exempt players from.


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