Adds per world, per user, highly configurable compass mechanics.


- Users can choose which compass mode they would like to use.
- Server owners can set default modes for different maps.
- You can choose to override user preference in the config for specific maps.


- Default (Sets the compass back to the world spawn)
- Current (Sets it to your current X,Z location)
- X,Z (Sets it to a specific X,Z location)
- Near (Compass tracks the closest player)
- <Player> (Compass tracks a specific player)
- Random (Compass acts like it is in the nether)
- Death (Points to where you died last)
- Bed (points to your bed location)
- Home:<Name> (Points to your essentials home) - n/e/s/w


- /compass help
- /compass list
- /compass reload
- /compass <mode>
- /compass <mode> <player>


- compassmodes.near
- compassmodes.random
- compassmodes.current
- compassmodes.location (To set a specific X,Z location)
- compassmodes.default
- compassmodes.player
- compassmodes.deathpoint
- compassmodes.bed
- compassmodes.other (To change other player's mode)
- compass.reload


range - how far you can track a player using /compass near
give-compass-on-respawn (true or false)
keep-existing-compass (true or false)
force-compass-slot - Either a inventory slot (0-9) or false.

[Useful Links]

Review by Xenius01

CompassModes on GitHub


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