Change commands to fit your needs, on a personal level! Individual users can set shortcuts for commands and use placeholders to make them easier!

Main Features

  • Change commands to something simpler - on a per-person basis!
  • Use placeholders to make the commands more useful!
  • Run commands as console, if you have the permissions!
  • Block certain aliases from being used if you REALLY don't want people changing them for themselves.
  • View your own aliases & global block list with a simple command.
  • Contains options to log to console & prevent overriding of other plugins in the config.
  • Included file backup system so you never lose your settings!



v1/cswap add <alias> <command>Changes <command> to <alias> for yourselfcs.use
v1/cswap rem <alias>Remove an aliascs.use
v1/cswap listView your aliasescs.use
v1/cswap placeholdersView avalible placeholderscs.use
v1/cswap block <alias>Block an alias from being used by a playercs.admin
v1/cswap unblock <alias>Unblock an alias from being used by a playercs.admin
v1/cswap saveSave the config & data filescs.manage
v1/cswap reloadReload the config & data filescs.manage
v1/cswap backupSave a copy of the config & data to the backup foldercs.manage
v1/cswap disableKill the plugin!cs.manage
v1/cswap helpIn-game help menucs.use


%args0Replaced with the first word after your command/cswap add new warp spawn %args0/new Hugh_JassesWarp Hugh_Jasses to spawn
%args1Replaced with the second word after your command/cswap add t tell %args0 %args1/t Hugh_Jasses HiSay Hi to Hugh_Jasses.
%cRun the command as console/new Hugh_Jasses %cConsole runs /warp spawn Hugh_JassesHugh_Jasses is warped to spawn by console.

This supports up to %args20.
If you don't use a placeholder, anything you type after your new alias will just be added to the end of the command. You need the permission node cs.console in order to use %c. It must be placed AT THE END OF YOUR COMMAND.


The config is very simple!

NoOverride: false
DebugMode: false
LogCommands: true
NoOverrideBooleanfalseShould other plugins override us?
DebugModeBooleanfalseShould the console display extra info?
LogCommandsBooleantrueLog commands as if they were real commands?


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