CommandsEX v1.90


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    Sep 8, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.3.2-R0.1



+ = Addition
- = Removal
@ = Change
* = Bug fix
~ = New bug
# = Note

# support for CraftBukkit 1.3.1 RB R2.0

+ added command /enchant for all enchanting needs
+ added command /seed to show the seed of any world, even from the console
+ added command /nick to set a players nickname
+ added command /whois to find out the username behind a nickname
+ added command /enderchest to open a players Ender Chest
+ added AutoSave functionality to auto-save players, worlds & nicknames
+ added VanishNoPacket support, if a player does /inv when VanishNoPacket is installed VanishNoPacket will be used instead
+ added function to keep inventories, experience and armor
+ when a temp/perm banned player tries to join they will recieve information such as who banned them, why and how long their ban has left (if applicable)
+ players with permission can now teleport other players to any warp they have permission to
+ the warp command now has support for per-warp permissions
+ the spawn command can now be used to teleport other players to the global/per world spawn

@ merged functions from /item and /give into one class file, this will make it easier to change them in the future
@ /give and /item command now works the vanilla way too (/give iKeirNez 90 5 2) meaning you won't have to edit TooManyItem's settings if you use that
@ /time command can now be used from the console and multiple worlds
@ if an invisible player accepts a tp request while invisible, the requesting player will not be notified

* fixed tones of tiny bugs everywhere by using the FindBugs plugin for Eclipse
* fixed delayed removals of /back locations
* fixed 2 bugs in /butcher command
* fixed message when being notified that someone has used /burn on you
* fixed some bad code in /clear command
* fixed /inv not working if fakeJoin and/or fakeLeave messages are disabled
* fixed seeJoins and seeLeaves permission nodes being ignored when sending fakeJoins and fakeLeaves with /inv when Condense Joins is disabled
* fixed single join and leave messages not appearing in the correct language
* fixed some teleport messages
* fixed some bad code in /repair
* fixed invisible players showing in the /tpaall count
* fixed some bad code in /ownerstatus
* fixed some bad code in unmuting
* fixed XMPP join messages being re-relayed through XMPP
* fixed join and quit colors
* fixed broken Minecraft -> XMPP chat
* fixed all MySQL databases

# new perm cex.warp.others
# new perm cex.warp.
# new perm cex.spawn.others
# new perm cex.seed
# new perm cex.whois
# new perm cex.whois.ip
# new perm cex.enderchest
# new perm cex.enderchest.others
# new perm cex.death.keep
# new perm cex.death.keep.

# new perm cex.death.keep.inventory
# new perm cex.death.keep.inventory.
# new perm cex.death.keep.inventory.<block>
# new perm cex.death.keep.armor
# new perm cex.death.keep.armor.

# new perm cex.death.keep.armor.helmet
# new perm cex.death.keep.armor.chestplate
# new perm cex.death.keep.armor.leggings
# new perm
# new perm cex.death.keep.xp
# new perm cex.enchant
# new perm cex.enchant.*
# new perm cex.enchant.<enchantment name="">
# new perm cex.enchant.all
# new perm cex.enchant.remove
# new perm cex.enchant.clear

Command words (regexes matching against the chat which execute commands) run the commands before the chat message is broadcast, instead of afterward. The commands are still run in response to what you say in chat, it just doesn't seem like it...