CommandsEX Alpha 1.21


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    Mar 27, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.2.3-R0.2


finished Home suite, added:

  • support for MyHome import (copy homes.db file into CommandsEX folder and start the server)

/home set, /sethome -> sets you home

/home -> teleports you to your home

/home <Player> -> teleports you to Player's home

/home delete -> deletes your home

/home delete <Player> -> deletes Player's home

/home invite <Player> -> invites Player to your home

/home uninvite <Player> -> uninvites Player from your home

/home list -> lists all homes you are invited to

/home ilist -> lists all players who are invited to your home

/home private -> makes your home private (invitations only)

/home public -> makes your home public (anyone can access)

/home listall -> lists all homes on the server

/home iclear <days> -> removes homes of players that weren't online for <days>

/home tclear <days> -> teleports you to first home to be cleared if iclear would run

Regexs do not always execute in the right order, so, for example, a chat message containing the "MF-word" will be caught, instead, by the "F-word" replacement, despite the "F-word" regex being placed after the "MF-word" regex in the chat replacement list.