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  • _ForgeUser10519110 created this issue Aug 1, 2014

    I have two problems with my configuration file.
    None of the problems show up in the log.yml.

    The items I configured as a permission to rankup donĀ“t showup.
    When i use the command "/cr info lvl4".
    This is what comes in the chat.

    Price: 1800

    The "/rankup" does not work.
    As you can see in the configurations file, there is a list of permissions to go throw.
    I double checked if i had the permissions correct. But that is not the case either.

    I toggle on debug mode in pex permissions. This allows me to check what the permissions are doing.
    It came out that there was no sign of a permissions check. In other words. The plugin did not go throw the list.

    here is my config file


  • _ForgeUser10519110 added the tags New Defect Aug 1, 2014

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