CommandPoints Essentials

Need more commands to entice your players into voting for your server? Look no further! CommandPoints Essentials brings you some fundamental commands that any player on your server should be able to access in moderation.


  • Customizable command costs
  • Supports Permissions 2.x, 3.x, and Bukkit SuperPerms
  • Includes some non-commandpoints related commands
  • Proven to be able to boost your server's rating along with CommandPoints

Non-commandpoint-based commands:

  • /chelp - Lists all the CPE commands available to you.
  • /creative - Puts you into creative mode
  • /survival - Puts you into survival mode
  • /cgive or /i <item> [amount] - Gives you items


  • /ctp [-r] <otherplayer> - Teleport to another player or use the "-r" parameter to request them to teleport to you
  • /day - Change it to daytime
  • /night - Change it to nighttime
  • /spawn - Teleports you to the spawn-point
  • /bed - Teleports you to your bed
  • /buyexp [#] - Purchase experience levels
  • /sethome - Sets your home
  • /home - go to your home
  • /setwarp [name] - Add a named destination
  • /warp - list destinations
  • /warp [destination] - Warp to a destination
  • /delwarp [destination] - Remove a destination

Permissions nodes:

  • CPE.chelp: Is allowed to see what commands are available.
  • CPE.creative: Can switch to creative mode.
  • CPE.survival: Can switch to survival mode.
  • CPE.cgive: Can give themselves items.
  • CPE.ctp: Can use points to teleport.
  • Can use the ctp command for free.
  • Can use points to change time to day.
  • Can use the day command for free.
  • CPE.night: Can use points to change time to night.
  • Can use the night command for free.
  • CPE.spawn: Can teleport to the spawn.
  • Can teleport to the spawn for free.
  • CPE.bed: Can teleport to last bed slept in.
  • Can teleport to bed for free.
  • CPE.buyexp: Can purchase experience levels.
  • Can get experience levels for free.
  • CPE.sethome: Can set a home.
  • can set a home for free.
  • CPE.setwarp: Can add a warp.
  • Can add a warp for free.
  • CPE.warp: Can warp to destinations.
  • Can warp to destinations for free.
  • CPE.delwarp: Can delete warps.
  • Can delete warps for free.


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