Is money too plentiful on your server? Want players to have certain admin privileges, but only in moderation? Maybe you want them to be able to change the time of day, or teleport to others, but only a limited number of times? Then CommandPoints is for you!

CommandPoints is a system in which players can obtain command points through certain actions such as voting for your server through Votifier. Players can then spend their points to execute certain commands that support CommandPoints.


  • Easy to use, economy-like interface
  • Integrates with Votifier
  • Permissions Support
  • Supports logging of points gained/lost to a log file
  • Supports initial Command Points for new players


  • /commandpoints or /cp - Lists all commands available to you
  • /cp points - Gives you the amount of points you have [User Only]
    • /points - A shortcut to: /cp points
  • /cp points <username> - Gives how many points a specified user has
  • /cp give <username> <points> <reason> - Add points to a specified user's account
  • /cp remove <username> <points> <reason> - Remove points from a specified user's account
  • /cp set <username> <points> - Set a specified user's points to a certain amount
  • /cp reset - Resets player points amount database (Clears all accounts)
  • /cp giveall <points> <reason> - Gives all the users a certain amount of points
  • /cp removeall <points> <reason> - Takes points from all the users
  • /cp transfer <username> <points> - Transfer points to another user's account [User Only]

(Note: Because accounts are created when a player joins the server. Resetting the database will make all users on the server unable to use or receive commandpoints until rejoin.)

Permission Nodes (All linked to commands):

  • Can run the help command.
  • commandpoints.points: Can check own number points.
  • commandpoints.points.other: Can check other users' number of points.
  • commandpoints.give: Can give users points.
  • commandpoints.remove: Can remove points from a player.
  • commandpoints.set: Can set a user to a certain amount of points.
  • commandpoints.reset: Can reset the CommandPoints database.
  • commandpoints.give.all: Can give all users points at the same time.
  • commandpoints.remove.all: Can remove points from all users at the same time.
  • commandpoints.transfer: Can transfer points to another user.


CommandPoints API HowTo
API JavaDocs

Server Admins:

Alone, CommandPoints is just like an economy plugin. Please ask the authors of your favorite plugins if you want them to integrate with CommandPoints and supply your users with more commands.

Plugins That Support CommandPoints

Vote Listener

You can grant people points for voting for your server. Just use this Votifier vote listener:
CommandPoints VoteListener


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