CommandPoints MobDisguise Bridge

Have DisguiseCraft or MobDisguise only for admins on your server? Need more things for people to spend their commandpoints on?
This plugin works as a bridge allowing you to charge commandpoints to allow users to disguise as mobs! It takes advantage of both the DisguiseCraft/MobDisguise and CommandPoints APIs in order to allow YOU to choose how users spend their points.


  • Per mob, configurable costs
  • Option to undisguise players on exit
  • Configuration updates itself on each release, maintaining your specifications

Permission nodes:

  • - Is allowed to disguise for free.

How to use:

  1. Give normal users the permissions needed to disguise as a mob. (Permissions from DisguiseCraft/MobDisguise)
  2. Set the costs for each mob in the CPMD configuration.
  3. Players will be charged when they use DisguiseCraft/MobDisguise commands such as: "/d creeper"


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