With this plugin you can block and unblock commands for players and you can see, what commands the players write.


  • If you set a permission for a group all players without this permission has blocked all commands who in the group
  • This plugin requires ProtocolLib.


  Block a command for a player

  •   /cmdblock <Player> <Command>

  Unblock a command for a player

  •   /cmdunblock <Player> <Command>

  Spectate, what the players write

  •   /cmdspectator <Player>

  See help of this command

  •   /commandcontroller <Help/Version/Permissions/Reload/Groups/Group>

  Create/delete groups, add/remove players, block/unblock commands and set the group-permission for groups

  •   /commandcontroller group <Create/Delete> <Group>
  •   /commandcontroller group <Group> <Block/Unblock> <Command>
  •   /commandcontroller group <Group> <Add/Remove> <Player>
  •   /commandcontroller group <Group> setpermission <Permission>
  •   /commandcontroller group <Group>


  •   cmdcontroller.block
  •   cmdcontroller.unblock
  •   cmdcontroller.spectator
  •   cmdcontroller.spectator.other
  •   cmdcontroller.version
  •   cmdcontroller.reload
  •   cmdcontroller.permissions
  •   cmdcontroller.<Grouppermission>

 Good to know:

  • The plugin ignore, if a player is op or not.
  • The blocked commands will be saved after a reload/stop.
  • You can change the messages of the plugin in the messages.yml.
  • The console can block and unblock commands too.
  • You can block commands for players in groups.
  • You cant see your own writed commands.
  • You can kick players with the CommandGuard-feature if them write specific commands.
  • You can block tabcomplete but this will block tabcomplete for playernames too
  • If you set a permission for a group all players without this permission has blocked the commands who in the group.
  • Im from Germany and i cant write "very" good Englisch. Please correct me, if i write something wrong.


  • If a player write a command who is in the TriggerCommands.yml and he isn't in the IgnoresUsers.yml he will be kicked.
  • This feature can only be edited manual.
  • Why i create this feature: If a player got op or anything other rank he can use every command but with this feature he will be kicked for example if he write "//br sphere 0 5" an in the TriggerCommands.yml contains "//br" he will be kicked.

 Planed updates for the future:

  • I need ideas

 My current work:

  • Version 3.0


  • Version 2.6.1 is released
  • Now support for servers with version 1.8-1.12.2

This plugin is never complete. It has bugs and i had something to fix. If you find a bug, please write me. Write me also if you have improvement suggestions.


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