CommandBook 2.0


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    Feb 5, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.1-R3
  • CB 1.1-R1


If you find WorldEdit useful, you can:

Thanks to contributions by: gicode, AgentMe, DarkArc, famerdave, and mrapple

  • Fixed /home permissions checks. commandbook.home.other to teleport anybody to a home owned by a user who is not the sender commandbook.home.teleport.other to teleport other users to homes.
  • Add permissions to exempt kick/ban/mute for specific players - see wiki for detairs
  • Created PlayerWhoisEvent, components can add information to the whois output by listening to it. Ban and God components use it currently.
  • Added enchantment support to item operations. Closes #986
  • Added more information to /whois and made it work on offline players too.
  • Added -s flag to kick/ban commands to override broadcastKicks/Bans settings and not broadcast.
  • Fixed playertime -r not working for other players.
  • Added the ability for /midi and /intro to affect other players.
  • Require confirmation to override warps. The permission commandbook.warp.set.override is required to replace existing warps created by other users. The command to confirm actions is /confirm and requires no permission to use.
  • Added a configuration migrator to convert pre-1.8 configurations to the new format
  • Use the new Bukkit events system
  • Added a /cmdbook help|doc command to provide ingame help for components
  • Added low-priority-command-registration setting - see configuration for more details
  • Only check .other permissions if any of the involved players are not the sender
  • Added /help command that provides help from a user-defined file and about commands (with the -c flag)
  • Added -s flag (silent) to /warp and /tp.
  • Removed redundant message when teleporting other player(s).
  • Refactored bans system to use a CSV storage format, allow IP bans, and allow temporary bans.
  • Allow using display names when looking up names.
  • Adding the old /cannon command, that was replaced with firebarrage. This is the one that shoots the Fireball at the player, versus away from him.
  • Moved /heal, /stack, /locate, /slay, and /god from WorldGuard
  • Improve handling of warps stored in unloaded worlds. This fixes #701 (well it should, but I don't have a fancy multiworld setup to test with).
  • Added twitter-style pm's, using the @name syntax
  • /take command to remove items from a player's inventory
  • /freeze component
  • Added support for loading components from a directory of class files.
  • Added .other permission to /return
  • Allow return to be used with a player different than the sender.
  • Fixed /pos command to work correctly on other players. Thanks AgentME!
  • Fixed /compass's permissions. Thanks gicode!
  • Converted CommandBook over to using a component-based system, similar in design to the one used in sk's server plugin (see more about that at
  • Fixed coloring of /gamemode
  • Fixed fireball + arrow blocking in WorldGuard by setting shooter of projectiles.

Warning: You must update WorldEdit to version 5.1 or greater.
Warning Any plugin that previously integrated with CommandBook will need to be updated for 2.0.