CommandBook 1.6


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    Oct 1, 2011
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1185
  • CB 1060
  • CB 1000


Thanks to contributions by: wizjany, zml2008, sleaker, famerdave, ivals, TexasGamer, and o0c

  • Added basic warps and homes support
  • Added option to broadcast kicks and bans
  • Added %cmd:<command>% macro, replacing output of the command (run by console)
  • Added /firebarrage command (like arrow /barrage, with fireballs)
  • Added /afk command to warn players that you are away when messaging you
  • Added /biome command to output the current biome you are in
  • Added /playertime command to set a player's percieved time
  • Spawnmob command now supports setting additional data on several mobs (saddled pigs, tamed wolves, colored sheep, etc)
  • Spawnmob command now supports riders
  • Custom items can now be used with the /thor command (setting in config)
  • Any command that takes a location can now be pointed to a #warp or #home
  • Item commands now obey max stack sizes (-o to override)
  • Time locks can now be put on a configurable delay if you are having trouble with redstone or water physics
  • Teleportation commands will also check the target world if the permissionsprovider support multi-world permissions
  • The /return command will now handle all player teleports, including death
  • Fixed exact respawn issues with beds and first join (hopefully)
  • Fixed items not showing up in inventory after using give commands in certain cases

Warning: You must update WorldEdit to version 4.7.