This plugin is still in beta, so there may be bugs I have not found yet. If you find any, instead of complaining, please describe them to me, and I will do my best to have it fixed within 3 days. Also, since this is still in beta, feel free to give me a suggestion as to what I could add to it.

So I was thinking the other day how much I hated the fact that Command Blocks are only able to be created by OP's in creative. I wanted a plugin so that I could let donators or even players make "Command Blocks". So I searched everywhere, only to find a few useless outdated plugins that didn't even come close to what I had in mind. That's when I decided to, instead of looking for something that didn't exist, make my own. Whether you would simply like Command Blocks with more functionality, or if you want a secure way to let donators use command blocks, this is the plugin for you!


This plugin does exactly what you may expect. It allows you to bind a command to a block. For example if you typed /cba add player tell bob hi, it would save this information to a file, and whenever the block was right clicked, it would send a message saying hi from the player who clicked the block to a player named bob. Whenever the block is destroyed, all information is wiped from the file. Don't worry though, players will need permissions to destroy it. A nice feature is that you can use *r (which will target a random player from online players) or *p (which will get the player who clicked the block) in your command.


  • /cba info || Displays in chat the command bound to targeted block.
  • /cba reset || Removes command bound to targeted block. (Destroying block will also do this.)
  • /cba add console || Binds whatever you type after this command to the block as a console command.
  • /cba add player || Binds whatever you type after this command to the block as a player command.
  • /cba resetall || Wipes data file, deleting all CommandBlockAlts.


  • cba.* || Allows use of all CommandBlockAlt commands.
  • cba.create.* || Allows player to create both player and console CommandBlockAlts.
  • cba.create.player || Allows player to create CommandBlockAlts that will run the command bound as player
  • cba.create.console || Allows player to create CommandBlockAlts that will run the command bound as console
  • cba.use || Allows player to right click block to run command bound to that block
  • cba.destroy || Allows player to break CommandBlockAlts, removing bound commands
  • cba.command || Allows player to use command /cba
  • cba.command.reset || Allows player to use /cba reset, which will delete command bound to targeted block.
  • || Allows player to use /cba info, which will give information on targeted block.
  • cba.command.resetall || Allows player to use /cba resetall, which will wipe data file of all CommandBlockAlts

To Do List:

  • Possibly add a config file
  • Allow multiple commands to be added to one block.
  • Give me suggestions as to what else you would like to see in this plugin :)


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