Reference Guide/Variables


The following variables can be used in any line of a CommandSign. Just insert the variable into any part of a line, and it will be substituted with the appropriate values when the sign is run.

<x> - Player's x coordinate

<y> - Player's y coordinate

<z> - Player's z coordinate

<blockx> - CommandSign's x coordinate

<blocky> - CommandSign's y coordinate

<blockz> - CommandSign's z coordinate

<world> - Player's current world

<name> - Player's user name

<randomname> - The name of a random player on the server

<near> - Name of the nearest player to CommandSign

<display> - Player's display name

<money> - Player's current money balance

<formatted> - Player's current money balance formatted. (Ex. "10.00 dollars")

<ip> - Player's IP address

Want more variables? Please write a ticket saying what you want and what the variable should be called. (I really just need the ideas. Adding them is easy).


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