Reference Guide/Special Characters

Special Characters


        - Runs a command from the player who clicked the sign.

        - Runs command with elevated permissions using the '*' node.
        - Does not work for OP commands like /stop.
        - (For WorldEdit //wand, use /*/wand).

        - Runs command as op.
        - Cannot use this to op the player, as they are simply deop'd.

        - Runs command as console.
        - Plugins won't get the player, so they can't do any specific player processing.

Conditions / Restrictions

        - End a restriction.

        - Limits the sign use to only that group.

        - Adds a per-player cool-down on the sign. The sign cannot be used again until this cooldown expires.

        - Adds a charge to use a sign (Economy).

        - Require a permission node to use the sign.

        - Restriction is inverted beyond this point (acts as an 'else' statement)

Other Characters

        - Make a conditional check optional - displays no error if condition is not met.
        - Condition can be any of the conditions above (like @group).
        - v1.7.9+ ONLY.

        - Invert/negate a conditional check.
        - !~5 will only allow the commands to be run if the sign is clicked twice within 5 seconds.
        - Condition can be any of the conditions above (like @group).

        - Print the message to the player chat

        - Print the message to chat as the player
        - v1.8.0+ ONLY.

        - Delay the sign's execution by the set interval
        - Does not lag server

        - Pause execution of a CommandSign for a random amount of time.
        - v1.8.0+ ONLY.

        - Allow multiple groups to pass the restriction block
        - v1.8.3+ ONLY


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