All commandsigns reset on update #71

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  • _ForgeUser9838798 created this issue Oct 19, 2012

    Q: What happened?

    A: I switched to Craftbukkit R2.0 and EVERY commandsign was reset. (This has happened before when the server last updated Commandsigns to where redstone no longer triggered commands [I miss the redstone btw] )

    My question: How can I set them all back up, and would someone be willing to patch this?

    Additional Information: I have used /cmds save in the past, and /cmds reload isn't doing it for me.


    Q: What version of the product are you using?

    The most updated version (1.8.3 according to the in-game /cmds update)

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  • _ForgeUser9042228 posted a comment Oct 23, 2012
    1. Place a sign and give it some commands
    2. /commandsigns save - (include the output in your server log)
    3. Restart the server
    4. Paste the server log from the moment you restarted
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