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  • danek9797 created this issue Feb 1, 2019

    CraftBukkit Version:  git-Spigot-f56e2e7-7fc66b2 (MC: 1.13.2) (Implementing API version 1.13.2-R0.1-SNAPSHOT)

    Vault Version: v1.7.1-b91


    Nature of the problem:

    Commands like / ^ are executed sequentially, with pauses between commands (by default user). But for the already op'ed player, they are all done at once. After numerous tests, I came to the conclusion that the plugin itself does not affect it at all (I tried several similar plugins - the problem remained). But I would like to know the reason for the execution of the command-after-command.



    Steps to reproduce the problem (create sign with lines and any region with worldguard):

    1. /^rg select <regionname>
    2. /^/set 1
    3. %5
    4. /^/sel
    5. \done

    And run this cmds with op player and default user

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  • danek9797 posted a comment Feb 1, 2019

    additional /* commands all run at once but I cant use it with worldedit commands

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