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  • omanoctoa created this issue Oct 8, 2016

    Some way to prompt the user for input when running commands bound to a sign. So far this is the only thing I've encountered that CommandSigns lacks, and it's pretty disappointing at times...

    The prompt should be customizable, so users don't see a generic, unhelpful message.

    Something along the lines of...
    /cmds 1 /give <player> diamond <prompt#How many diamonds would you like? #1>

    Use # # instead of just one #, though, to reduce formatting frustrations (like the one I have here on bukkit, that turns # # into ##this##)

    Basically, the command above would add /give <player> diamond to a CommandSign, then ask them for a single parameter input with the prompt of "How many diamonds would you like? "
    The # would separate the Prompt and the number of parameters required for the prompt. Failure to enter the proper amount would/could cancel the command sequence.

  • omanoctoa added the tags New Enhancment Oct 8, 2016

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