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  • _ForgeUser12899440 created this issue Sep 19, 2016

    This isn't an issue but I want to ask a question. Is it possible to make something only run if they have a certain something. For example I want people to be able to buy a cratekey. But is there a way for me to do it so they can only buy a cratekey if they have the money

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  • omanoctoa posted a comment Oct 8, 2016

    Assuming you are basically just letting people buy CrateKeys...this is pretty easy. Just use something along the lines of...

    /cmds 1 $10000
    /cmds 2 /*crate givekey <player> CrateKeyName 1
    /cmds 3 \You have bought a Key for $10000
    /cmds 4 -
    Line1: Check if the user has 10000 currency, and take 10000
    Line2: Give the user 1 CrateKeyName key, run as * (safe to use, briefly gives user access to command)
    Line3: Chat confirmation of your choice - optional
    Line4: End arguments - optional unless part of a larger block of commands

    You could also substitute the second line with /cmds 2 ?/*crate givekey <player> CrateKeyName 1 This will run the command silently with no feedback, in case the user receives some output from the crate plugin you would prefer them not to see (like the plugin name).

    If you need more direct feedback or help regarding this issue, I live on - come visit us. I'm the only staff with knowledge of Command Signs though, so don't bother asking anyone else on the server :D

    Edited Oct 8, 2016

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