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  • _ForgeUser12722738 created this issue May 18, 2015

    What steps will reproduce the problem?
    1. CommandSigns doesnt seem to be able to use Vanilla commands such as /scoreboard and /title and the like

    What is the expected output? What do you see instead?
    Nothing. It just does not run any commands in the queue under the vanilla command

    What version of the product are you using?

    Do you have an error log of what happened?

    Please provide any additional information below.
    If there is anyway to get this to work I would love to know. I am making sort of a 1.8 spigot multiplayer adventure map and it all sort of rests on this working

  • _ForgeUser12722738 added the tags New Defect May 18, 2015
  • omanoctoa posted a comment Mar 21, 2016

    Some vanilla commands are replaced in the spigot.yml, bukkit.yml and file, I believe. Most likely one of the first two. The commands will be ignored. Also, most vanilla commands must be run by a player or a full CommandBlock, targeting a player, not from console. They also require either OP or * to use, as they can break a number of things if regular users were given access to them.

    Judging from your error log, I would say either your commands are being overridden by Spigot/Bukkit (though they should still work to some degree), or maybe they require a higher perm level. Commands like /setblock (for sure) must be run by a player instead of console, as they require an anchor in the world, otherwise they will try to place a block in the survival world.

    Depending on your issue, you may find my reply here, useful:

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