Players getting the ' * ' node #151

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Assigned to _ForgeUser7307234
  • _ForgeUser8126149 created this issue Nov 2, 2013

    Hello, for some reason when players click the signs they get the ' * ' node. I'm using the latest version.

  • _ForgeUser8126149 added the tags New Defect Nov 2, 2013
  • _ForgeUser1569130 posted a comment Nov 28, 2013

    Vote. This issue is commonly happening for every servers which uses this awesome plugin. And this was also happening on simular plugin called "Scriptblock". Oddly, PermissionEX does not want to remove the permissions after we give players permission through bypass perm option in Command Signs in any way. Using "/#command" option is safe though.

    No criticism, but without bypassing permission option, Command Signs is not usable for server owners like me who runs a lot of custom feature in their own servers. For example of my case, I do not want to give players permission to teleport around but only in certain "portals".

    To reproduce this issue, you can simply install PermissionEX and CommandSigns in latest build of Craftbukkit 1.6.4 then make a "command sign" with any option which gives players temporary permission. You try to give wildcard then they get ALL of permission for limitless times. Of course players gets all of permission for server commands. They can do everything include /stop or /ban, whatever they want.

    This problem is critical issue. Please fix this quick.

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