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    What is the enhancement in mind? How should it look and feel?

    Please provide any additional information below.

    It would be AWESOME if CommandSigns were able to check mcmmo skill levels. Also the ability to call for a skill that is used as a condition to use the sign like in example 2. So possibly a condition that could be used like -

    1 :skill: unarmed                        # mcMMO skill name
    2 :level: 500                               # If no skill is specified above it, it refers to power level not skill level.
    3 /#give <name> 264
    4 --


    1 :skill: unarmed,archery,acrobatics      # mcMMO skill name
    2 :level: 500                                         # Specifies the level the skill to be chosen needs to be.
    3 /#skillreset <name> :skill:level:          # When 2 conditions are used like they are above it will call the skill name that is at level 500 and ignore others
    4 /#give <name> 264 10
    5 --
    This could be used to automate promotions and rewards based on mcMMO skills.

    Thank for your consideration (:

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