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  • _ForgeUser11229588 created this issue May 18, 2013

    What is the issue?
    I need help doing mobarena with command signs.

    Please provide any additional information below.
    I figured out how to do mobarena with command signs. I did "?/#sudo <name> ma j default"

    (Note: /ma j     is the command to join the mobarena)

    Now this worked completely fine. Now, I wanted to disable the permission to join the mobarena on the default group, so that people MUST use the sign to join. In my permissions(group manager) I put in "-mobarena.use.join" which disallows people to use the command "/ma j".

    Now heres where the problem comes. Nobody can use the sign now because it says that nobody that is default has permission to the command.
    I want to know how I can make it so that my command signs override the permission "-mobarena.use.join".

    PLEASE NOTE: I must keep it with /#sudo <name>     in the front, because "/ma j" on a commandsign DOESN'T WORK. So I have to make it so that players can #sudo in console using that sign. Please help!

    All help thanked!,

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  • _ForgeUser11229588 posted a comment May 19, 2013


    Heres what I did: I had my default permissions group named "default". This group doesn't have mob arena permissions. Then I had a group named "owner" that has mob arena permissions. Heres what my command sign looks like:

    line1: /^manuadd <name> owner ==== (^ = run as op) This makes the player that clicked the sign join the owner group. line2: /#sudo <name> ma j default ==== (#= run in console) This makes the player that clicked the sign join get forced to join the mob arena line3: /^manuadd <name> default ==== this makes the player that clicked the sign go back to default.

    This way, you become a group that has permissions to mobarena, go to the mobarena, then lose permissions to mobarena.

    Edited May 19, 2013

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