Command Signs and Paintball-War-Edition does not work :( #119

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  • _ForgeUser10850599 created this issue Mar 27, 2013

    first of all thanks for that great plugin! its awesome :)

    i dont know if you know paintball but
    but im trying to use command-signs with it (paintball war edition)
    it works great with the most commands join/team/leave or money....
    only the shop command (/pb shop [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10]) does not work
    that command has to be issued in a paintball match and should give the player items and remove some paintball money

    i created a sign with the command /pb shop 1
    if im not in a match and trying to use the sign the paintball error appears that i have to be in a match... (thats good)
    the problem: ingame the same error appears...(but it should give me a item)
    if i use the command /pb shop 1 it works fine

    i dont know whats wrong :o
    can someone help me please?
    would be nice :)

    sorry for my bad english...

  • _ForgeUser10850599 added the tags New Other Mar 27, 2013
  • _ForgeUser9042228 posted a comment Mar 28, 2013

    Try with one of the command modifiers: /* or /^ - might work then

  • blablubb posted a comment May 8, 2013

    Hm, I am storing directly player objects while the players are playing. So the check if a player is playing is checking if the player is in some sort of collection, which calls the equals method as far as I can remember.

    So maybe it would help, if CommandSigns PlayerProxy overrides the equals method to something like: return originator.equals(object)

    Or somehow else make sure that the players are equals when it's searched for them in a list. Currently I think you are creating a new PlayerProxy everytime the player performs a command via signs. This is generating a chain of ProxyPlayer objects (like already said in some other ticket). Maybe you could instead create one PlayerProxy for each player at login and then reuse the object later (not generating a new one which will return false for the default equals check, which is checking memory adresses).

    If you have some quick dev version and want me to try it out if this fixes the problem, send me a pm and I try it out.

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