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    1) subvariable, that work as "Command block" variable:
    x,y,z,r, rm, m, c
    for your variable  "near" and "random name" and need variable  "allplayer"

    2) redstone output from commandsign with direction name south, nord,west,east

    3) check from what direction come redstone input and use it if required  in condition

    4) check your /cmds redstone function. it work only after making one inactive comand string for me

    5) variables  A,B,C, D for every commandsign, that user can SET to true/false and CHECK their condition. (Use this variables  as flag). For example if  condition "at south side of sign is redstone signal" =true (and this signal not from this command sign) that user can set A=true. And even  if  redstone signal after that is off, variable is still =true.

    Thanks for your work.

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  • _ForgeUser10677782 posted a comment Mar 5, 2013

    need permissions to use variable A B C D.
    need correct porocessing with bottom and top redstone signals.

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