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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.4.7-R0.1


Changes Since 1.9.0

  • Fix a few build issues - shouldn't spam save messages now and should be built for Java 6

Changes Since 1.8.8

  • Bukkit download URL hardcoded into the system
  • Fixed ?& restrictions showing error messages
  • Fixed signs that wont load properly (forced CommandSigns to load AFTER Multiverse)

Changes Since 1.8.7

  • Restriction error messages now use messages.yml
  • Witty, personified messages included ;D
  • Group checks now check explicitly as they used to - inherited permission groups will no longer result in a match.
  • Added extra debug information to understand the sign wiping issue a bit better in future research.

Changes Since 1.8.6

  • Added <randomname> variable
  • Added config.yml
  • Added completely automatic updating
  • Better YML updating and compatibility
  • Refactored source code into packages
  • Fix stopping NullPointerException

Changes Since 1.8.5

  • Fixed clipboard NullPointerException
  • Changed update system from GitHub to Bukkit-dev

Changes Since 1.8.4

  • Fixed glitch with the $ character in sign text
  • Better messaging

Changes Since 1.8.3

  • Added <ip> variable to get the player's IP address
  • Better messaging clarity
  • Added /commandsigns insert function. See examples below.
  • Reintroduced pressure plates as CommandSigns (they still work to activate redstone)
  • Allowed for other 'physical' items to be used such as trip-wires.

Insert Command

Step 1 - Make a sign

1. @mod,admin
2. \This message will appear to both mods and admins!
3. -
4. &a.permission,another.permission
5. \This message will appear to players with either a.permission, another.permission or both!
6. -

Step 2 - Run the insert command (/commandsigns insert <line> <text>)

/commandsigns insert 3 /say I like cake!

Step 3 - Add more insert lines, if you want

Step 4 - Click the sign to apply changes

1. @mod,admin
2. \This message will appear to both mods and admins!
3. /say I like cake!
4. -
5. &a.permission,another.permission
6. \This message will appear to players with either a.permission, another.permission or both!
7. -

Changes Since 1.8.0

  • Finish editing by using /commandsigns edit again (click-to-finish removed)
  • Fixed line numbers > 9 failing
  • Better click detection
  • Added comma support in permission and group checking. See examples below.
  • Added <player> variable as alias to existing <name> variable.
  • Added '<<' restriction syntax for left-click only (right-click only already exists as '>>')
  • Fixed redstone sign activation
  • Better messaging

Comma Support

\This message will appear to both mods and admins!
\This message will appear to players with either a.permission, another.permission or both!

Changes Since 1.8.0 Beta

  • Added .message to chat as a player.
  • Finish editing by clicking the sign again. (I don't exactly agree on this...)
  • Prints sign contents when you start edit.
  • Removed redstone debug code.
  • /cmds l# is gone and /cmds # is here
  • Added a license to the jar

Changes Since 1.7.10

  • New save format! Backup your stuff! This new format is yaml-based, so you can edit it more easily. (If you're into that kind of thing)
  • ! on a single like acts as an else clause
  • Fix permission message being sent when in silent mode
  • Line numbers now start at 1 instead of 0.
  • Player commands can now be run in silent mode with ?/command. Note that this might not work with all plugins.
  • /cmds l# works the same as /cmds line#
  • Cool-downs persist between plugin reloads. A cool-down of 0 means one-time use.
  • Now compatible with CommandHelper commands!
  • /cmds view lets you see the contents of your clipboard
  • /cmds toggle in edit mode lets you make signs inactive/active.
  • There's now a random check! `# will work #% of the time.
  • Use /cmds batch to go into batch mode for whatever mode you're in. (Read, remove, remove)

The signs.yml file has been known to wipe itself. This has not been addressed yet.

/# commands with group manager may still play up. This has not been addressed yet.

messages.yml still cannot contain non-ANSI characters, such as Cyrillic. This is a flaw with Bukkit's bundled YAML parser, SnakeYAML in conjunction with the way the files are stored. In order to correctly read Unicode formats, we shall have to bundle our own YAML parser.

CommandSigns does not seem to support AdminCmd unfortunately. This is due to the objects it sends to CommandSigns when a player triggers an event.