Command Cooldowns

Command Cooldown
This plugin allows a server operator to place a cooldown on any command they wish.
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  • Customizable cooldowns for any command
  • A hour/minute/second time format
  • Customizable messages in config.yml
  • Commands to allow you to not have to enter the config.yml
  • A list command that displays all commands with cooldowns
  • The option to give commands aliases. Adding an alias will make it so that alias also is counted towards the cooldown.
  • Smart add and remove commands with step by step walkthroughs.
  • bStats Tracking
  • Automatic update checker
  • Able to add cooldowns to commands with arguments. E.g. /warp home
  • Ability to check cooldowns with /cooldowns
  • Beautiful time formatting, days, hours, minutes, and seconds. Changes with time
  • A command that skips cooldowns for admins
  • Give permissions to skip a certain cooldown with commandcooldown.bypass.command_here
  • Add cooldowns to different users/groups with permissions. Example: commandcooldown.warp_home.30 for /warp home to have a 30 second cooldown instead of the one defined in /cc list
Example of a custom message:
Features to Expect
  • Potentially a GUI config.yml editor for commands.
  • Let me know any suggestions!
[SPOILER="config.yml 2.3.3"][code=YAML]# If enabled, the plugin will check for available updates when enabled
checkUpdates: true
# Informs a player know when they are bypassing a cooldown
sendBypassMessage: true[/code][/SPOILER]
[SPOILER="cooldowns.yml 2.3.3"]
    '*': 30m
    'shop': 15m
    'vip': 30s
    - 'ewarp'[/code]
[SPOILER="messages.yml 2.3.3"]
[code=YAML]bypassCooldown: '&eBypassing cooldowns'
noLongerBypassing: '&eNo longer bypassing cooldowns'
onCooldown: '&cYou still have &e%time% &cleft on that command'
reload: "&eReloading all configs"
  noPermission: '&cYou do not have the permission &e%perm%'
  onlyPlayers: '&cOnly players can use that command!'
  - '&a&lCommand Cooldown %version%'
  - '  &7/cc help'
helpHeader: '&a&lHelp Page &f%page%&7/&f%pageAmount%'
  editor: '&a/cc editor &7- Opens up the cooldown editor'
  reload: '&a/cc reload &7- Reloads all configs'
  bypass: '&a/cc bypass &7 - Bypass all cooldowns'[/code]
Statistics (bStats)
(This graph always shows the past week)
Check out the wiki HERE!


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