CombatLog API

CombatLog now has an API that allows developers to hook into the CombatLog plugin and listen for three events:

  1. PlayerCombatLogEvent
  2. PlayerTagEvent
  3. PlayerUntagEvent

Using these three events is quite simple, one can use them just like normal events.

public class YourListenerClass implements Listener {

    public void onCombatLogEvent(PlayerCombatLogEvent event) {
        event.getPlayer(); //Returns the player who combat logged
    public void onPlayerTagEvent(PlayerTagEvent event) {
        event.getDamager(); //Returns the player who DOES the damage
        event.getDamagee(); //Returns the player who RECEIVES the damage
    public void onPlayerUntagEvent(PlayerUntagEvent event) {
        event.getPlayer(); //Returns the player who is untagged
event.getCause(); //Returns the reason for Untagging the player } }


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