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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.4.7-R1.0


Remember, this is an one man work - I'm doing this beside school and spent hours of coding/testing and eliminating bugs.
I really appreciate a "thank you" in form of a donation.

Also, feel free to share your localizations, I can add them so people can use it (:
Same for colors.yml! (:

Version 3.7

  • Fixed NPE with TagAPI
  • Fixed error with tabList
  • Fixed for bPermission 2.10
  • BREAKING: Added new chat formatting, you decide where each "variable" should go
  • BUT: Still supporting old, legacy format
  • Heavily improved blacklist, no more bypassing!
  • Improved GroupManager support
  • Mavenized the plugin
  • Added feature to remove the name above the head (request)
  • Updated Metrics
  • TagAPI support is now on by default
  • Small cleanup (code and localization)
  • Tweaked autochatcolor
  • Added minimum lenght of prefixes and suffixes
  • Made support for Factions optional

* Essentials nick function doesn't work
* Maybe some issue with other plugins
Currently known:
* DispNameChanger
* MobDisguise

The compatibility issues will be addressed in 3.8 as far as possible!