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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.4.6-R0.3


Remember, this is an one man work - I'm doing this beside school and spent hours of coding/testing and eliminating bugs.
I really appreciate a "thank you" in form of a donation.

You should visit the newly created sites, for code examples of bPermissions, PermissionsEX & GroupManager & the site for the new way of using ColorMe values! Just look at the FAQ and see the highlighted green changes (:

If you write BLACK all the time -> This is NO bug, just remove yourself the colorme.autochatcolor.* permission!!

Also, feel free to share your localizations, I can add them so people can use it (:
Same for colors.yml! (:

Version 3.6

  • Fixed Async error
  • Fixed GroupManager NPE
  • Added support for group colors in PermissionsEX, bPermissions and GroupManager
  • Added support for replacement, use the values and it will be replaced by ColorMe
  • The name above the head will now use the first color from random/rainbow/custom color
  • Added autoChatColor feature (see permisisons page again, be warned, admins shouldn't have this permission: colorme.autochatcolor:*, since they'll write black then!)
  • Fixed colored bracket
  • Native support for Factions and iChat