Version: v1.5.3(release) [1.7.9-R.2]

This plugin adds locked doors to your server that can be unlocked by obtaining their matching colored key ("key" meaning a chat message explaining you have a key, until Spout allows custom items :p). You can either obtain a key through a player with the appropriate permission, or an NPC with permissions enabled (when questing). This will soon add a certain, special layer of classic role-playing and questing that has yet to be seen in a Bukkit plugin.

How to use Color Keys (wiki)

Note: The YouTube video has been removed due to out-of-date methods (changed with version 1.3.0). A new video will be released shortly.


  • Create doors that can be locked with colored keys, based on a cloth block under the door.
  • Able to have multiple doors of the same color (Red door at "Spawn", and Red door at "Dungeon", and so on)
  • Up to 16 doors for one location (White door at "Spawn", Blue door at "Spawn", and so on)
  • Keys can be given from an OP, NPC's, or any other plugin that allow commands with proper permissions (questing in mind).
    • SuperPerms will be used now that Permissions 2.7/3 is inactive
  • Vault support for C.O.D. transactions
    • Sign Shops for keys!

Click here to see our Changelog and our To-Do List!

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