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Have you ever forgotten a color code? Have you ever wanted to set the color code character? Have you ever wanted to use color on signs? These features and more are included in this plugin!



The video is a little old but this is a lightweight plugin to provide the features above (even the missing feature from the video, colors on signs)! By default the character code used in the plugin is the '&' symbol but it can easily be changed though a command or editing the config file.


Command Aliases: c, color, colors, colour, colours

/colors - Shows color codes

/colors [?, h[elp]] - Display color help message
/colors [v[er[sion]] - Displays color version messge

/colors [s[et]] [char] - Sets the global color code, this will only be the first character

/colors [p[er[sonl]] [char] - Sets personal color code


Most of these commands will also work from the console!


  • colors.view - Shows all the color codes with /colors - /colours - /colour - /color
  • colors.use - Use color codes in signs/chat!
  • colors.set - Set the color code with /color set <character>. It cannot be a letter/number.
  • colors.setown - Set your personal color code

  • - View help message
  • colors.version - View version message
  • colors.* - Star notation, Gives access to all above permissions

The help, view, and setown permission default to all while all other permissions default to no one.



We use metrics to track stats (not IPs)! There is a Plugin Metrics folder inside your plugin folder in which you can disable this. bStats is now used as well and mcstats may soon be removed.

Version 1.4.1 Out!

View the change log in the download! Curses API has been updated and the Updater should now work properly with version 1.4.1


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