Hello Minecrafters! This is my second plugin on Bukkit and it allows for colored groups in chat and in tab, colored chat, and colored signs!

To use colored text, simply use "&" and then a color code. The color codes available in Minecraft are Color Codes

The following codes are also available for effects:

Code Common Name

&k Magic

&l Bold

&m Strikethrough

&n Underlined

&o Italics

&r Reset

Each of these can be enabled or disabled by giving or taking any of the coloredTexts.colors or coloredTexts.effects permissions. A player can see the color and effects available to them by using the /showcolors command. Each of these permissions also allows a player to use those colors and effects on signs as well, if it is enabled in the config.

A player can set their default chat color using the /setcolor command and then a letter or number of the color codes (basically, the color code without the & symbol). A player can also use a word instead of the letter or number. For exmaple "/setcolor red" will set my color to red(c). To set the color to one of the dark colors, simply use "/setcolor darkred" or "/setcolor dark_red". The syntax for the command is /setcolor <color code>.

Groups can be assigned colors, as well, by giving them one of the coloredTexts.groups permissions. It is important to only give each group one of these permissions. This color will show up in both when the player talks in chat as well as in the tab menu, if both sections are enabled. Both chat and tab menus will also show the player's nicknames, if they have one. These group colors will also be used in the joining and leaving messages, if they are enabled.

The plugin is fully customizable, and all or some of its features can be disabled. Each feature of the plugin has a enable or disable area located in the config file.

To see all permissions click here.

This plugin was made originally for (Server IP:

Please Note: This plugin will require a permissions plugin to be used effectively.

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, feel free to leave a comment or send me a pm. Feedback is always welcomed.


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