ColoredSigns 2.0


ColoredSigns is back!

  • Java version of ColoredSigns 1.7.
  • Bukkit-Version 1.7.2 R0.3
  • ColoredSigns version: 2.0

ColoredSigns is a Plugin to Use Colors and modify your Signs.

How to:

  1. Download the Plugin.
  2. Put the jar into your plugin folder.
  3. Restart/reload your Server
  4. Configure ColoredSigns with the config.yml, you can change any plugin ingame message in the messages.yml

Color Nodes:

&0 &1 &2 &3 &4 &5 &6 &7 &8 &9 &f &n &m &l &k &c &h &b .....

Use color codes on a sign

  • Colors need to be enabled in the config.yml
  • You need the permission node "ColoredSigns.color
  • WARNING: If you are using the PermissionsEx support, you need to add the node in PermissionsEx to. For more information see "PermissionsEx" below.


Example use


  • ColoredSigns.color (Allows to use color on signs)
  • ColoredSigns.signremover (Allows to enter and leave the signremover mode)
  • ColoredSigns.givesigns (Gives permissions for the sign give command)
  • ColoredSigns.changeline (Allows to change a line on a sign with a command)
  • ColoredSigns.* (Gives all permissions for Coloredsigns)
  • ColoredSigns.blocksignplace.ignore (Ignore sign block place canceling ,config.yml)


  • If you are using "PermissionsEx", enable "PermissionsEx_support" in the config.yml
  • If you are not using PermissionsEx, disable the "PermissionsEx_support" in the config.yml. The default permissions will work. (OP etc.)


  • /ColoredSigns | (Show you infos/Status about the Plugin.)
  • /Signs | Give you an amount of signs.
  • /Changeline | Change a sign line, without breaking.
  • /Signremover | Enter/leave the sign remover mode, you can only break signs in this mode.



  • For a fast update, the Changeline feature will availible in few minutes. In this version its not enabled.

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