Global settings

Open the file "config.yml". You will see these settings:

fix-death-messages: true
If the death messages should be fixed: if true, prefixes and suffixes will not be shown in death messages.

change-tab-names: true
If the plugin should change even the tab names. Note that can be overridden by other plugins.

refresh-every-minute: false
If you change the permissions frequently, or you have another plugin which uses the teams.

update-notification: true
The plugin will check for updates on every startup, but won't affect performance. Set this to false to disable update notifications.

Create a group prefix/suffix

Open the file "groups.yml".
You will see something like that:

user: '&f[&9User&f] '
 mod: '&f[&aMod&f] '
 admin: '&f[&cAdmin&f] <name> &4[*]'

These are the default prefixes and suffixes for the permission groups "user", "mod", and "admin". The players will receive a different prefix and suffix depending on their groups on your permissions plugin. You can use all the color & formatting codes. <name> separates the prefix from the suffix.
Note: prefixes and suffixes cannot be longer than 16 characters, including color codes (that count as two characters).

Let's create a new prefix (shown as PREFIX) and suffix (shown as SUFFIX) for the builder's group, we would add this line to the file:

builder: 'PREFIX <name> SUFFIX'

If you just want to add a color, for example red (&c) you would write:

builder: '&c'

Create an individual prefix/suffix

Open the file "players.yml".
You will see some examples, but it works in a similar manner to groups, the only difference is that you there is a list of names instead of a list of groups. To set a player's prefix/suffix, just add a new line as with groups.


The symbols can be used in prefixes and suffixes, and count as a single character. The placeholders on the left will be replaced by the corresponding symbols.

<3 = ❤
[*] = ★
[**] = ✹
[p] = ●
[v] = ✔
[+] = ♦
[++] = ✦
[x] = █
[/] = ▌