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  • _ForgeUser8225799 created this issue Aug 6, 2015

    Can i get compability with the plugin

    This is what the dev said about the plugin.

    "The plugin does not support plugins like HealthBar,ColoredTags (or plugins with prefix/suffix tags) because they are 'selfish' in terms of handling the scoreboard. This can not be fixed without editing those plugins. However AnimatedNames is fully supported.

    The way bukkit is made is that every player has 1 scoreboard with different slots for the sidebar, team name, ... However most plugins do not respect this. They create a new scoreboard every time they refresh the player's score, this works and was until recently prob the most common way to refresh a scoreboard. However I am against it since it is not the way it is meant to be. The reason most developers chose not to use the same scoreboard again is because they have to reset/overwrite the previous scores what could be laggy and hard. However both with and without the antiflicker option my mechanic won't cause lagg so that is not a problem for me.

    AnimatedNames and FeatherBoard both use the player's scoreboard that is available. They only create a new scoreboard on login but after that the normal refresh rate will pick up and continue to use the same scoreboard.

    Why not just continue with the scoreboard that HealthBar creates?
    The scoreboard healthbar creates is the same for all players (not good). This is not a problem for that plugin because the scoreboard contains multiple teams. However If I would use the same scoreboard then healthbar for this plugin then the scoreboard would be the same for all players."

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