Color4Signs is a simple, extremely lightweight plugin that allows
you to add color to text on signs by adding chat-colors symbols.


  • Rock Solid, yet amazingly simple and lightweight.
  • Drag 'n' Drop Install, no config files needed.
  • Compability all the way back to CB 1.2.5, it just works!


Color4Signs translates formatting codes on a sign into colors, so that you can format your signs with colors, bold font, underscores, and more. The plugin works by listening for sign-saving events by players. When triggered, it converts theese formatting-codes into native markup code used by Bukkit. For reference on formatting codes available, please look up formatting codes at the Minecraft Wiki site.


Simply drop the latest release file (jar-file) into your server's /plugin directory, restart your server - and you're done! Simple as that :-)

Permission node:

If players other than op's should be allowed to use markup code on signs, add this single permission node to their permission group: Color4Sign.use You do this with your desired permissions plugin, like PEX, bPermissions, etc. Not required for it to work tho, completely optional. If you don't, only operators (op's) will be able to use markup on signs.


The plugin is licensed under the famous GNU GPL, version 3.0. The source code is freely available for you to copy, modify or redistribute in any way it may suit you. Get it from our project's repository at GitHub. Statistics.borderless.png


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